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The Gardins of Edin

Ruth. Naomi. Mary. Martha.

When the bonds in their family begin to fray, four women fight to preserve their legacy, heal their wounds, and move forward together in this heartwarming contemporary debut novel

Though regarded as a close-knit family and pillars of the community of Edin, Georgia, the four women of the Gardin family privately know their relationships are rapidly fraying. They struggle to hold the family and its multimillion-dollar peanut business together, as a looming crisis threatens the legacy of their formerly enslaved ancestors.

Distrust and misunderstanding plague the women and prevent them from moving forward. Ruth, who married into the family and is still trying to fit in, longs to fulfill her deceased husband’s goals for the company even as she grieves his death. Martha’s jealousy leads to increasing mistrust and tension with Ruth, who wants to take charge of the family enterprise. After failed expectations in New York, Mary struggles to find her place in Edin and wrestles with her sisterly role in addressing Martha’s malicious treatment of Ruth. Naomi, the matriarch who raised the sisters after their parents’ death and supported Ruth in her grief, wants the women to work out their mistrust, hurts, and mistakes.

As the Gardin women grapple with mounting relational and business challenges, a fresh health scare brings to light deep wounds. Will they be able to preserve their family legacy and heal?

Loosely inspired by the stories of beloved women from the Bible, this novel provides a fictional answer to what happened to the women after the stories told in the Bible. 

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