It’s Almost Christmas!

Christmas Day is just around the corner. I hope the busyness of the season isn’t stopping you from enjoying this special time. I’ve grown accustomed to running around and trying to keep a million projects going, but that kind of behavior has caused me to miss enjoying the season in the past. I decided I was not having it this year! Nope! Not doing it!

For me, Christmas is a time for spiritual reflection and celebrating love. I know people tend to associate Valentine’s Day with love, but Christmas ranks much higher in my book. Plus we get an entire season to celebrate Christmas.

If you’ve been following my blogposts this year, you know that I’ve been more intentional about having fun. So why wouldn’t I apply this to my favorite time of the year? Otherwise, I was afraid I’d look up on Christmas Day and wonder how I missed the entire season (I bet some of you can relate). I think I’ve done pretty well, considering I’m still working hard to promote my Beautiful, Complicated Family series and writing a novel. Make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what I’ve been up to, and let me know if I’ve done a good job enjoying Christmastime.

As we enjoy the rest of the season, I want to offer my sincere thanks to you for supporting my writing. One of the biggest reasons I write is to celebrate love. Thank you for joining my celebration. Sharing my writing with the world has been one of the greatest gifts that 2019 has brought me. I really can’t ask for much more. But if you decide to review my books on Amazon or other ebook vendor sites, review my books on Goodreads, or include my books in your Goodreads Listopia lists, that would be okay too. 🙂

Have a merry Christmas!