Beautiful, Complicated Family

I have a big announcement! On November 5, 2019 you can download my first collection of very short stories (also known as flash fiction).

It’s called Beautiful, Complicated Family. It’s a 2-volume set, and you can get both volumes FREE!

That’s right. TWO new releases, and you can get them both at no cost.

You’ll be able to download the first volume for free wherever ebooks are sold. The first volume will contain a link to access the second volume for free. Readers who prefer not to use the free link can buy it from their preferred ebook vendor instead.

If you’ve already subscribed to my website, you know that my writing style for these stories is pretty similar to what you might expect from a contemporary fiction novel. And that’s intentional. My plan has always been to write women’s fiction novels, but I started writing flash fiction because I know that women often have busy schedules that may only allow them short periods of time for reading. On average, each story in the collection takes about 6 minutes to read. So whether you’re a busy woman who can only read one story at a time or a voracious reader who can devour both volumes in a single sitting, this collection is filled with uplifting stories that will give your day a boost.

I hope that reading these books will bring you as much enjoyment as I experienced writing them. Make sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to my website for updates about the new releases, launch giveaways, and more. I’m @roseyleebooks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.