A Quick Check in

This is going to be brief update. I’ve been trying to write it for a couple weeks, but I’ve been pulled in lots of directions. Don’t worry; good stuff is happening!

– My flash fiction story, “Gran’s Return”, was published earlier this month in Bending Genres! “Gran’s Return” is the first flash fiction story that I wrote, so it’s dear to my heart. I wanted it to appear in a special journal, and Bending Genres is the perfect fit. You can find the story here:

– I’m on Pinterest! You’ll find boards inspired by my flash fiction stories and boards on other topics that are important to me. Visit my Pinterest page –

– I’ve been working on some new flash fiction stories, and I may have some exciting news to share in the upcoming months. So stay tuned!

– I’ve made an update to my Lagniappe page. You’ll see that I’ve added information about two amazing recording artists – Genensia and Victory Boyd. I’ve also included links to their music. If these artists aren’t already on your radar, you’ve been missing out.

– There’s been a lot going on, but I’ve still made time to stop and smell the roses. I arranged the flowers above in celebration of Valentine’s Day. I smile every time I see them.

See, I told you I’ve been busy. See you next time! I’ll try not to stay away so long.

Rosey Lee